Delta Range
June 22-24, 2022

After my saga in Southeast Alaska which you can read about here and here, I drove from Haines up through the Yukon and back into Alaska. Vast taiga gave way to imposing mountains as I turned south from Delta Junction and headed into the Delta Range (an eastern subrange of the Alaska Range) to explore for a few days. Though my time here was relatively tame, I was struck by the wildness of this place its many roadside glaciers. I was also greeted by the most amazing rainbow I’ve ever seen, as well as biblical hordes of mosquitoes which became the norm for the rest of the summer. This made my training routines quite a bit more challenging, which I knew I needed to do in order to be in good enough shape for some upcoming backpacking trips. Picture lying on a yoga mat in the dirt in the summer heat, wearing a head net and clothes saturated in bug repellent covering every inch of skin, with clouds of mosquitoes swarming overhead ceaselessly seeking an opening for attack.​​​​​​​

Sunset near the Canwell Glacier

Ice cave beneath the Castner Glacier

Gulkana Glacier roadside shooting in the middle of the night

How wonderful!

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