I’m 25 years old, grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have a background in neuroscience and philosophy. I studied both at Claremont McKenna College and conducted research in neuroscience labs at Stanford and UCSF. I've been traveling full-time since early 2022.

Many of the most deeply moving experiences I’ve had have been while alone in remote wilderness with a camera. I hope my website gives some insight into this and offers a little bit of inspiration to seek your own meaningful experiences, whether or not nature or photography are involved. While learning photography can be a nearly endless pursuit, the single best piece of advice I could give is to simply fill the frame with what you like. Everything else is secondary, in my opinion. I've written about some of these secondary things here. A list of the gear I use can be found here. I offer 1-on-1 mentoring sessions where I'll teach you everything I know about creating compelling images.

Some photographers whose work I find particularly inspiring:
     • Floris van Breugel
     • Franka Gabler
     • Hans Strand
     • Andrea Pozzi
     • John Scurlock
     • Marc Adamus
     • Matt Jackisch
     • Blake Randall
     • Huibo Hou
     • Alex Noriega
      Guy Tal
      Jennifer Renwick
      Rizwan Saddique
      Tomasz Przychodzien
      Vittorio Sella

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