1-on-1 Photography Mentoring
Do you have exciting visions for your photography but feel unsure about how to get there? Would you like to get into photography but don’t know where to begin? Do you want to learn some advanced skills to make your work stand out? I offer private instructional sessions ranging from 1-3 hours over Skype + TeamViewer and would love to support you along your creative journey.

During our sessions you’ll have my undivided attention in helping you achieve your personal goals. I’ll share with you everything I know. Over the past 6+ years, I’ve spent countless thousands of hours learning how to create compelling photos in some of the world’s most rugged landscapes. I’ve developed robust systems for each component of this process, and it brings me tremendous joy to share this hard-earned knowledge with others. My goal is that you’ll come away from each of our sessions feeling excited and capable of bringing your creative visions to life!

I’ll teach to your current abilities, whether you’re just beginning with photography or looking to take your work to the next level. Things we can work on include:

     • Gaining clarity on what it is about taking photos that’s important to you personally, and developing an artistic style that gives expression to this and to your inner world.

     • Technical and artistic aspects of editing photos (using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop). Together we can edit specific photos you’ve shot (or use mine as examples if you prefer). I can teach you a set of advanced, little-known editing techniques to make your photos absolutely pop with perfect subtlety while authentically representing the original landscape.

     • Workflow for editing photos and organizing+archiving files.

     • Camera settings, composition, in-the-field shooting technique. Learn to streamline all of this and make it nearly subconscious.

     • Planning an upcoming trip, with the aim of helping you become more self-sufficient for planning future trips. I've accumulated a deep body of knowledge about most places in North America and elsewhere, which I can relay for specific trips you may have in mind.

     • Using 3D mapping services alongside advanced weather forecasting to find original compositions and predict light before a trip.

     • Logistics and safety for a successful landscape photography adventure, and how to have the time of your life while out there! And how to do this solo if that interests you.

     • Physical training for difficult backpacking trips.

     • Seeing and communing with landscapes more deeply.

     • Expanding on the principles of polarity, interconnectedness, and harmony in a scene (which I've written about here).

     • Bringing project ideas to fruition, creating a strong body of work, putting together a cohesive portfolio.

     • Roadblocks to creativity such as imposter syndrome and perfectionism.

     • Offer feedback and constructive critiques on your work.

If you don’t yet know exactly what you want to work on, that’s also a perfect place to begin! We can figure this out together, and I can assess a sample of your work to suggest some directions we might like to go. I’ll share accompanying documents for many of the above topics, leaving you with lots to reflect on and practice.

Raw files come out of the camera looking flat and desaturated by design. I'll teach you how to bring back the magic you actually experienced while out shooting, often with emphasis on midtones contrast, color separation, and precise dodging & burning.


To book now, contact me at abrahamsaikleyphotography[at]gmail.com or use the contact form below.

We can do a one-off booking or book a series of sessions at once— your choice. I find that clients usually develop their skills more quickly when they're able build on things across several sessions. I’m also happy to offer a free 15 minute consultation phone call to discuss your aims. I can’t wait to hear from you and it will be my absolute pleasure to work together!

Pricing: $75/hour; $65/hour if booking a 2+ hour session or multiple sessions at once. Payment is due before the start of each session. If you're interested but can't afford my rates, please get in touch and we can likely figure something out.
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